A Secret Ingredient for Long-Lasting Eco-Friendly Furniture: HDPE

There is a new secret ingredient in the outdoor furniture arena. It is long-lasting, easy to clean, recyclable, and can work as a covering for your furniture, or even as planks of lumber. This material withstands blustery winds, cold winter nights and the sweltering rays of Arizona’s hot summer sun. This material is HDPE, short for high-density polyethylene, and we love how it’s being used in outdoor furniture.

Cool Facts About High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

According to Acme plastics, HDPE is “made of a higher grade thermoplastic polymer that comes from petroleum. It resists corrosion and oils, is easily recycled, and is easily sanitized for use with food.

HDPE is currently in high demand. In fact, according to recent research from Byjus.com, this type of polyethylene accounts for more than 34 percent of the world’s plastic market. In fact, a recent market study from Cerasana stated that the worldwide demand for HDPE will increase by an average of 2.9 percent per year by 2026.

Although you might not have heard of it before, it is probable that you have HDPE in your home right now, and not just in your furniture. 

Common household uses for HDPE:

  • Food storage containers
  • Cutting boards
  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk jugs
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Bleach bottles
  • Drinking water pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Storage sheds
  • Plastic lumber
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Bottle crates
  • Shoe Laces

4 Benefits of HDPE Furniture

Although there are many many benefits to HDPE Furniture, there are four we think you’ll particularly appreciate.

  • Weather Resistant

HDPE can withstand much higher temperatures than other furniture materials, which makes it perfect for warm climates. It’s a great choice for the beach as well.

Other features:

  • HDPE Is UV protective so it maintains the color and stability of your furniture.
  • HDPE will not rust, which overcomes one of the biggest drawbacks of metal.
  • Long Lasting

HDPE is a strong, resilient plastic so it lasts a long time. Furniture made from or covered with this material can last for decades in harsh weather conditions. It’s so strong that it can withstand heavier loads than most of the other types of polyethylene due to its high strength-to-density ratio. It is also dent-resistant.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

HDPE furniture is simple to clean and maintain. It is resistant to many common solvents, acids, and other cleaning chemicals, including bleach. For example, our stain-resistant Adirondack Plus requires no painting or waterproofing and cleans easily with soap, water, and a soft bristle brush.

  • Environmentally Responsible 

HDPE is easily recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible plastic. Reclaimplastics.com shares that HDPE is “accepted by street pick-up recycling services almost worldwide and can then be used in the production of new products. 

HDPE Benefits in Brand-Name Furniture

HDPE is a great ingredient to have in your furniture. Brands like Tropitone, MAD Fusion and Polywood are marrying HDPE’s versatility with modern style and comfort. 


Tropitone’s polymer furniture is designed to revolutionize your water lounging experience. These pieces can rest directly in your pool without fading or degrading. We particularly love the Curve chaise lounge.


Our Curve chaise lounge mimics the contour of the human body with an arched back, low seat, and a bend for the legs. Made from an environmentally friendly, waterproof polymer, Curve is suitable both inside the water and for poolside lounging. Several bright color options make this a fun choice for homes or hotels.

Let’s face it, Tropitone is always a great choice for outdoor furniture.

“If you’re looking to spice things up around your patio, furniture from Tropitone is an excellent choice. This highly versatile brand boasts a wide array of styles to choose from that range anywhere from vibrant and tropical-inspired to sleek and contemporary. Each piece made by Tropitone is crafted of the highest quality with sturdy, weather-resistant frames. Colorful cushions lend a vibrant element to your patio, and you can integrate them into any outdoor space with ease.” – All American Outdoor Furniture blog post

MAD Fusion

We love this MAD Fusion HDPE Adirondack chair! This modern take on a classic chair works well in any environment. Arrange them around your outdoor fire pit, by the poo, or take them to your next beach BBQ to lounge in comfort. 

With more than a dozen color options, these chairs will complement your outdoor style. The MAD Collection also features an extensive array of modern tables and chairs in dining, balcony and bar heights, all constructed from EnviroWood¨ HDPE all weather lumber.


Polywood’s HDPE Outdoor Furniture collection, featured by All American Outdoor Living, is a fan favorite on our site. Polywood patio furniture comes in a variety of colors including pink, tank, black, brown, gray, green, orange, red, teal, white, yellow and blue. 

In addition, HDPE patio furniture can be integrated in any modern, traditional, transitional, coastal or casual outdoor design. Their compact square or rectangular shapes make them perfect for lounges and small patios as well as at poolside. 

Final Thoughts

HDPE is a versatile material that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It works well as a covering or as planks of lumber and benefits like  being long lasting, recyclable, weather resistant, is easy to clean – make this the perfect furniture to add to your outdoor living space. Please come visit our showroom to see all of our HDPE furniture options.

Beat the Winter Blues with a Quick Ship Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor living area, elevating it to a luxury retreat. Especially during the cool winter evenings, they’re a hard feature to pass up! Add in quick shipping, with delivery in two weeks, and this offer is a beat-the-supply-chain-issues steal. 

Our stylish quick-ship fire pits include a variety of modern tables to make your outdoor living areas more appealing than ever. These unique outdoor fire pit tables can be inserted within any style of exterior space, modern or traditional and alter the atmosphere. 

Whether you’re warming a covered patio or an open area, the fire pits will elevate the look of a garden, a balcony or a swimming pool-adjacent deck. They also work successfully in commercial environments, attracting customers with their contemporary look and feel.

According to a 2018 study conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the top three most popular outdoor design elements include fire pits (66.0 percent), lighting (65.4 percent) and seating/dining areas (64.0 percent). 

As a bonus, these fire pits cost less than you think.

Design Details.

Our fire pit tables come in round, rectangular and square shapes so they can be integrated within any existing outdoor space. The variety of design features allows them to perfectly flow into your existing layout. Best of all they come with a variety of choices and arrive in just a few weeks. 

Features like durability, creativity and elegance are what make these fire pits stand out.


Our durable design includes:

  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
  • Available in Hand Crafted Pewter Finish
  • 65,000 BTU Orifice
  • Propane / Natural Gas Compatible
  • 50 lbs Volcanic Rock Included
  • Stainless Steel Burner Insert
  • Key Valve Ignition


We love that these fire pits allow you to showcase your own creative style. We’ve put the design choices in your hands, but our designers are still here to help if you need them. 

We offer options for everything from fuel type (natural gas or propane) to frame finish to the shape of the propane tank enclosure. Plus, our selection of six types of rock ensures that your fire pit design complements the look of your outdoor space.

Many of our customers love the volcanic rock included in the design, but many more upgrade to the various other fire rock looks available. We offer Tumbled Lava Rock, or one of four fire glass colors – amber, aqua, black or clear. 

Our goal is to provide you with a quick ship fire pit that fits your style and taste and lifts your outdoor space to its highest potential.

5 Other Reasons to Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Space

It’s a given that a fire pit adds ambiance to any outdoor space, but that’s not the only extra benefit they provide.

1. They turn your patio into an all-season space.

Our quick ship fire pits will keep you outdoors on chilly winter nights and during changeable Fall weather. This alternative heat source lets you enjoy a no-maintenance cozy fire without having to worry about fire safety.

Because they’re so safely contained, you can easily use them on a covered patio. Chase the chill year-round and enjoy outdoor living even during inclement weather.

2. They’re better for the environment.

Not only are natural gas fire pits better for the environment than the wood-burning units, they are better for your health because you aren’t breathing in any of that ash or smoke. Better yet, you aren’t cleaning up a sooty mess or any piles of ash. 

An added benefit for the natural gas fire pits is that they cost less to use than either the propane or a wood burning fireplace.

3. They discourage bugs.

Most insects and mosquitos don’t care for fire or smoke. Because our fire pits are designed with tables, it is also easy to set out preventative candles or herbs as accents that also keep the pests away. Scents and oils like citronella, lavender, rosemary, garlic, basil, and lemon balm smell fabulous to humans, but not to those outdoor pests!

4. They provide alternative heat sources.

Fire pits provide heat on a cold winter night and many people prefer them over heat lamps for their outdoor spaces. The design choices are limitless with a fire pit and they are far more attractive. Plus, they are lower to the ground and make an easy focal point for outdoor seating. 

5. They promote social interaction.

Fires aren’t just attractive and comforting, they engage multiple senses at the same time. There have been medical studies that show fires help people relax and stay in the moment. It’s a pretty safe bet that your guests will want to gather around your fire to relax and be social.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit some of the options available and warm up your outdoor living area with one of our new, stylish fire pits! They’re affordable and attractive, and we can have one shipped to you within two weeks. 

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit, relax, and stare into a fire. 

About Us:

In the past 10 years All American Outdoor Living has become the second largest patio furniture retailer in Arizona. We are the 5th largest Outdoor Living specialist in the Southwest, and are among the top 15 outdoor furniture and accessory retailers in the nation. 

The Singer family has provided quality outdoor furnishings to the “Valley” community and all of Arizona for decades.

All American Outdoor Living proudly features many industry leaders including the trend setting, yet classic designed Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Castelle and Mallin collections. For those looking for quality affordable outdoor fire pits that ship quickly and transform your outdoor living, our Prism Hardscapes are the best choice.

ThanksgivingAway: Giving Back by Giving Away

We’re excited to announce our Thanksgivingaway event, just in time for the holidays. This event is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to do what we love, which is to transform outdoor living in the Valley. All-American Outdoor Living believes in community, and we deeply appreciate that you are part of our customer community. 

What Is Thanksgivingaway?

Thanksgivingaway expresses our strong desire to contribute to our neighbors’ health, happiness and well-being. For this Holiday Thank You Event, we are giving away two prizes in one: a Scottsdale outdoor furniture set and a great Thanksgiving meal.

More about the furniture

Our Scottsdale collection is “a wicker collection with flair,” which is why we chose it for this special giveaway. This six-piece Scottsdale resin wicker furniture set is perfect for any outdoor space. Natural all-weather wicker is handwoven over an aluminum frame and is adaptable to any sized space. Pairing this set with a meal is a perfect combination for a memorable holiday.

What Is Thanksgivingaway?

Thanksgivingaway expresses our strong desire to contribute to our neighbors’ health, happiness and well-being. For this Holiday Thank You Event, we are giving away two prizes in one: a Portofino® outdoor furniture set and a great Thanksgiving meal.

Valuable features of Thanksgivingaway’s premium outdoor dining set include:

* All-Aluminum Constructed Frame
*All-Weather N-Dura Resin Wicker Weave
*Optional Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics
*5 Yr. Limited Warranty

Click here to enter our Thanksgiving away drawing. Please read to the end of this article to learn how you can earn extra entries in the drawing. 

The Thanksgivingaway Dinner

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and we are feeling a lot of that this year! 

Thanksgivingaway is our chance to show it and provide a fantastic turkey dinner to some lucky family for Thanksgiving, along with a chance to win a premier outdoor furniture set that will support your outdoor lifestyle for years to come.

5 Benefits of our Thanksgivingaway furniture

This comfortable outdoor dining set doesn’t just look good. There are five more notable benefits for you to enjoy.

1.Durable and Weather Resistant

Premium durable furniture with aesthetic appeal and minimal care is part of our customer promise. Scottsdale’s all-weather N-Dura resin wicker weave resists sun damage and is moisture resistant. It’s strong, sturdy, and rust-proof. Even Arizona’s heavy rains simply bead and stream off these chairs, making them mold and mildew resistant. 

Outdoor furniture must be strong enough to stand up the challenges of Mother Nature without fading or degrading. With the proper care, this set will stand up to the elements and look good for many years, even in our challenging climate.

2. Minimal Care Requirements

This dining set requires minimal care to retain its original beauty and appeal. Its design is built to withstand all the dust, dirt, and pollen our desert winds spread around. 

Cleaning your Scottsdale wicker set is as easy as brushing it off or hosing it down. You won’t even need to dry it – just let the sun and wind do the work.

3. Lightweight 

This dining set is lightweight and easy to move. Resin wicker furniture can be rearranged easily, with the season or with your mood.

4. Classic Style

Scottsdale’s classic style is a great fit for most outdoor designs. Wicker furniture has remained popular for centuries, and this set will only add to the aesthetic of your outdoor decor.

5. Affordable

Resin wicker patio furniture tends to be more affordable than traditional wicker furniture, and the above benefits support its long-term value. 

Additionally, our Scottsdale wicker sets are currently being offered at a deep discount. Even if you aren’t our random giveaway winner, you can still hit the jackpot this holiday season with a year-end purchase of one of these sets.

To Enter Our Thanksgivingaway Drawing

Our drawing is on Sunday, November 21 at 5 pm. The winner will be chosen at random. All Entrants must be present at All American Outdoor Living in the Norterra Shopping Center in order to win. 

Click here to enter, and don’t forget to share the drawing on social media to earn extra entries into the giveaway. 

Good luck and, again, THANK YOU!

About Us:

All American Outdoor Living proudly features many industry leaders including the trend setting, yet classic designed Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Castelle and Mallin collections. For those looking for quality affordable outdoor wicker designs that will transform your outdoor living room our North Cape collections are rivaled by none.

In the past 10 years All American Outdoor Living has become the second largest patio furniture retailer in Arizona. The 5th largest Outdoor Living specialist in the Southwest, and is among the top 15 outdoor furniture and accessory retailers in the nation.

The Singer family have been honored to provide quality outdoor furnishings to the “Valley” community and all of Arizona for decades. 

5 Tips on Hiring a Patio Professional

The idea of hiring a professional landscape designer or a patio designer can be daunting to those who have never worked with one before. You may think that hiring a professional to plan your backyard design will be costly, and in some ways, you would be right. In reality, if you opt to plan your landscape and patio design on your own instead of hiring a professional, you’re likely to make some costly mistakes. Hiring the right patio professional will save your time, money, and a whole lot of headaches along the way. 

In this article, we will cover the do’s and don’ts, the ins and outs of hiring a patio design professional. 

What is a Patio Design Professional?

You may be familiar with a similar term, “Landscape Architect” or “Landscape Designer,” but they are often related or have a bit of an overlap. A patio design professional will fulfill both the role of a landscape designer and exterior decorator. 

Why You Should Hire A Pro

Hiring a patio professional helps you navigate the murky waters of planning a realistic and manageable design. They will also help you find the right outdoor furniture and accessories to match your lifestyle and budget. To get a sense of what you are investing your money in, here is a list of the general duties and services you will get from a patio design professional.

  • Research of municipal guidelines (before the design process) to make sure the proposed solution is a viable option
  • Signed design agreement that outlines the included elements of the plan within an agreed budget
  • Computer-generated landscape design based on exact measurements of your property
  • 3-Dimensional Rendering
  • Specifications of products to be used
  • Multiple meetings with your designer to keep the process on task to the agreed specifications
  • Estimate of Project Cost
  • Construction contract
  • Engineering as needed
  • Pulling city permits
  • Final walk-through with the designer and project manager

1. Questions to Ask Before You Hire

Here is a list of questions you should ask before selecting a professional to create your patio, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

  • When can you start?
  • When will you be finished?
  • What time will you knock on my door each morning?
  • What time will you quit for the day?
  • Are you going to work every day?
  • Can you finish before (insert any major holiday or significant family event)?
  • How much will it cost per square foot?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Who will be assigned as project supervisor for the job?
  • Who will be working on the project? Are they employees or subcontractors?
  • Does your company carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance? Always verify this information by calling the agency. A copy of an insurance certificate does not let you know if the policy is still current. Even if the certificate has an expiration date, you cannot tell if either party has canceled the insurance. If licensing is required in your state, ask if the contractor is licensed and call to verify compliance with the law. Not all states offer or require licensing. Check with your local or state government agencies.
  • What is your approach to a project such as this?
  • How many projects like mine have you completed in the past year?
  • May I have a list of references from those projects?
  • May I have a list of business referrals or suppliers?
  • What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
  • Are you a member of a national trade association?

2. Discuss What You Want with Your Design Professional

It is critical to have a clear vision of what you want the outcome of your landscape designer’s work to be. Do you want a new garden design from the start, a garden makeover, a pool built, or do you want to add stone paving or steppers?

It will be beneficial to understand your brief as possible before approaching a landscape or garden designer. Understand the size of your garden, how much light it receives, the soil conditions, where water flows from and to, and how wind influences it. Please clarify what you want from your outdoor area, how you want to utilize it, and your overall design aesthetics.

Prepare a detailed budget and timetable to submit to the landscaping team. In this manner, the team will inform you whether or not what you want to achieve with your garden design is feasible from their perspective.

3. Do Your Homework

Take the time to study landscaping businesses online and check for feedback from past customers who had a great experience. Request suggestions and guidance from family, friends, and coworkers, but always conduct your research.

Remember, the personnel of this firm will be working in and around your house, so learn as much as you can about them and determine whether you can build a healthy connection with them during the process. Please don’t be hesitant to request a tour of the company’s gardens to see the style and quality of their work for yourself.

Consider the type of garden you want when creating your brief for your landscaping. Visit Pinterest or Houzz to get ideas and grasp the aesthetics you want to see in your outside environment.

Find a landscape design team with a similar aesthetic. It’s pointless to hire a landscape design firm that mainly creates traditional gardens influenced by European settings if you want something modern with Australian indigenous.

4. Make Sure You Understand What You’re Getting Into

It would help if you established a strong working connection with your landscaper. Take notes on your discussion and write down your aims and ideas to present to them when you meet in person.

The greatest garden designs result from tight coordination between the gardener, the installer, and the customer. So, make sure you and the designer have a shared vision of what you want the end product to be, and then move from there. They should be available and able to speak with you at all times.

You must establish a strong working connection with your landscaper. Take notes on your discussion and write down your aims and ideas to present to them when you meet in person.

The greatest garden designs result from tight coordination between the gardener, the installer, and the customer. So, make sure you and the designer have a shared vision of what you want the end product to be, and then move from there. They should be available and able to speak with you at all times.

5. Three Lists You Should Make Before Hiring a Contractor

Before you commit to hiring anyone, it’s essential to make sure you do a personal inventory of what you do and don’t want to achieve in your yard. Three questions can be turned into three lists that you should ask yourself before proceeding further.

The first list should be everything that you want to remove from your patio area. Ask yourself, “what don’t I want in my yard anymore?” Look around and start writing down what won’t make the final cut—old plants, dead shrubbery, outdated furniture, or even removing an unwanted hot tub or grill. Make a list, make your peace, get rid of the old.

The second is created by asking yourself the opposite of the first question, “What do I love and want to keep?”. Don’t feel like you have to get rid of everything you ever owned because you are renovating. If you have an old faithful grill that is ugly but gets the job done, don’t be ashamed to keep it. Just make sure you incorporate these elements into the planning stages with your designer.

The third and final list is your wish list. What do you want to add to your yard during this process? What is your dream vision for how it will look or how you will spend your time outside? Take into account plants, gardens, pools, hot tubs, patio tables and furniture, televisions, and maybe even an outdoor kitchen! The possibilities are endless.

Make a list of everything, even if you have no idea how it will all go together. These lists are not required to be perfect or definitive. The goal is to provide some explanation for you. Choosing a landscape designer will be a lot easier if you have your three lists and your budget in mind.

More Than Just Casual Living

We know you have your choice of landscape designers in Arizona and are excited at the opportunity to work with you on your next project. Let us transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise. Whether it’s a simple re-design of your landscape plants or a total transformation of your backyard with a pool, pergola, and outdoor kitchen, our patio design professionals are up for the challenge! Contact us today to find out more.

Visit our All American Outdoor Living showroom for more than casual outdoor furniture in Scottsdale, AZ 

What’s Trendy About How to Design Your Poolside Patio

Beat the heat this Summer by staying poolside at home

Your backyard or patio’s comfort level ultimately determines how much time you devote to outdoor living and enjoying your personal space. With Summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to evaluate and upgrade your outdoor furnishings.

Your patio is an integral part of a poolscape because it can be used for sunbathing, eating, socializing, relaxing, playing sports, and more. The ideal patio design for your pool should match both your house’s theme as well as suit your lifestyle. Let us guide you throw the crucial things to know before you upgrade your patio.

Designing Your Deck

Above-ground pools are usually surrounded by pressure-treated wood decks, exotic woods like ipe, or decks made of wood-like composite materials like Trex, although there is no hard and fast rule. Go for it if you have an in-ground pool and want a wood deck. When it comes to wood decking, there is a maintenance problem in that it doesn’t last as long as natural stone. Since it is continuously exposed to pool water due to splashing, it can require regular power washing, staining, and sealing to maintain its appearance. 

Create a Patio Plan

A patio is often constructed next to an in-ground pool to provide a space for entertaining and relaxing where you can also enjoy fine outdoor furniture. Poured concrete, precast concrete pavers, or natural stone such as Pennsylvania bluestone or limestone may all be used. The materials you use for a patio should match the hardscape materials you use in your home to create a consistent design or look.

Allow enough space on the terrace to position the furniture, but not too much. You don’t want to be paving for miles. It’s unappealing. On one side of the pool, we recommend building a patio. Take cues from your surroundings and perspective. You could tuck a patio right up against the landscaping. You don’t have to walk the whole length of the pool. Sit on one side and take in the scenery.

Leave Room for Landscaping

The pool becomes an integral part of your home as it is integrated into the overall scheme of your landscaping. It’s a good idea to consult a landscape designer or architect early on in the pool-design process. You’ll want to make sure that everything you plant near a pool is far enough away from the edge that it doesn’t make it difficult to walk around it.

You’ll want a lot of summer color from flowering plants if you use your pool, mainly in the Summer, but you should know what you’re planting. Please make sure you understand what the plants need, how large they can grow when fully grown, and how much sun and shade they need. Planting shade trees by a pool is a bad idea because you’ll have to deal with dropping leaves that could end up in the pool.

Container plantings fit well around a pool. Tropical plants in pots will give you a tropical feel, but keep in mind how much care they’ll need. You must be dedicated to watering your plants every day, and if you go away for the weekend, you must have someone water them for you. 

Splurge on Furniture and Accents

Furniture is the key to any comfortable poolside patio. Once you’ve got your design figured out, getting furniture to match the style and comfort needs to top priority. Your furniture needs will depend on the design aesthetics and other factors, but there are some standard options to consider.

Fire Pits: Fire pits come in various options based on function and design, and there is undoubtedly one to suit your needs and tastes. You can install a purely aesthetic gas fire pit to warm yourself by or opt for a wood-burning one to roast s’mores over with family and friends.

There are options for portable pits that can be moved based on the occasion, but the more elegant ones are built-in as a permanent feature. A hot new trend in the fire pit category is coffee table fire pits. These tables are small and portable and feature a burning center to gather around. They are affordable and a great entry option for those with limited space or budget.

Outdoor Curtains, Umbrellas, or Shades: Outdoor shades might seem out of season for fall, but they are more valuable than just soaking up the sun’s rays. As the weather cools, the winds will pick up and bring with them a cool fall breeze. Outdoor shades and curtains can block those winds or at least drastically reduce their chilling impact on your relaxing evening. 

Shades are also a practical solution for strategically blocking out your neighbor’s views of your patio. Patio Umbrellas can still be a practical piece of patio furniture during the fall. The west coast is often sunnier for longer than other parts of the country. If you are out west, consider a patio umbrella to keep the sun off you until it sets.

Patio Design Ideas

If you aren’t sure where to start with your patio design, consider some of these popular styles as a starting place for your plan.

As an alternative to a conversation-style patio, the Garden Oasis: A garden oasis seeks to improve the pool’s natural environment. The number of seating areas is kept to a minimum, and the room is instead filled with lush plants and raw materials. A garden oasis concept will give you a sense of being away from home.

You can transform your patio into a serene escape where your concerns melt away by enclosing the pool in vibrant blossoms and flourishing greenery. A water feature, such as a waterfall or bubbling fountain, can soothe the soul with the soothing sound of cascading water. Even the most straightforward pool patio can be transformed into a garden oasis with containers or decorative planters. The lovely planters that flank this formal pool design help to anchor the room and create visual appeal.

The Covered Patio: A covered patio helps you to relax by the pool without overheating. It provides a relaxing outdoor living room, particularly for pools that are located further away from the house. A covered patio can be anything from a curtained cabana to a wooden pergola to a custom-designed pavilion. It can be used to relax, entertain, or enjoy the shade. The poolside loggia, framed by two stone structures and features a pergola, provides a cool respite from the heat. A fieldstone cabana offers a spacious changing area with outdoor showers built into the exterior wall.

The Backyard Retreat: A backyard retreat patio design can encompass several—or all—outdoor activities, from lounging in the sun to dining al fresco to entertaining friends, making it the ultimate in poolside living. When only the family is present, this grand poolside setting can comfortably host a large number of guests for a summer barbecue. Still, it feels intimate when only the family is present.

The Outdoor Room: The comfort and conveniences of your favorite indoor space are brought to your poolscape with outdoor room patio designs. An outdoor living room becomes a popular gathering place for family and friends. The design of this cozy indoor-outdoor environment requires deep-seating patio furniture and a custom fireplace.

An outdoor dining room is essential for pool owners who enjoy dining al fresco on the patio regularly. What is the most important aspect of an excellent outdoor space? During outdoor celebrations, an outdoor dining collection with a table wide enough to fit family members as well as guests.

The Outdoor Kitchen: An outdoor kitchen will complement the design of an outdoor dining room while still transporting food to the table a breeze. The outdoor gourmet kitchen can also have an outdoor TV for visitors to watch while relaxing at the swim-up bar adjacent to the kitchen. 

The Bistro Patio: A bistro patio is ideal for those with small backyards who want a peaceful place to relax and take in the scenery. This small patio design, which includes a bistro table and two chairs, can be incorporated into the pool area or separated by a small pathway.

Although a bistro patio design is suitable for small pool areas, it also fits more extensive settings. Three separate bistro patio areas can be found in the poolscape above. Each nook provides a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape while also creating a more intimate atmosphere. For summer nights spent al fresco, a fire pit adds a comfortable touch.

The Sun Deck Patio: A sun deck patio is ideal for unwinding by the lake. After a swim in the pool, it’s a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sunlight. When lined with rows of stylish outdoor chaise lounges, a sun deck along the swimming pool perimeter may imitate the look and feel of a luxury hotel or resort. 

Another patio design for poolside lounging is an in-pool sun table, also known as a tanning shelf. A tanning shelf is a wide shallow area at the pool’s entrance that is usually 5 to 8 inches deep. It can run the length of the pool or just a tiny part of it.

Visit our showroom for more outdoor furnishings ideas for your poolside.

All American Outdoor Living Memorial Day Sale-ebration

Experience more than just casual outdoor living with up to 70% off our entire catalog 

The month of May is upon us, and with it comes a calendar chock full of reasons to party. May marks the beginning of the end of the Spring season. Star Wars fans will greet you with the customary “May the 4th be with you” on Star Wars Day; Cinco de Mayo is the next day, followed shortly by Mother’s Day, then The Preakness, and Memorial Day wraps up the month in style. No matter where you’re from, there are plenty of excuses to get out in the yard and celebrate! 

People are beginning to gather socially again as our world slowly reopens due to the success of the nationwide vaccine rollout. If you are among the many longing for a return to normalcy, this might be the perfect month to consider hosting a get-together with your fully vaccinated family and friends. The timing couldn’t be better either; it’s never been safer (in the last year) to visit with distant loved ones; there are plenty of holidays to choose from, we have spent over a year in relative isolation. We are all going slightly insane, and the weather is beautiful!

Here at All American Outdoor Living, we see this as a recipe for some long overdue outdoor fun and festivities. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor living space for maximum comfort and style. To help with your upgrading project, we have a Memorial Day Sale where you can save up to 70% on our entire catalog of elegant outdoor products.

Elegance in the Outdoors

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, All American Outdoor Living has perfected the formula. We offer a diverse line of patio furniture suited to encapsulate your imagination. From rustic to modern, we are proud to present our customers with a broad, colorful selection allowing your unique ideas to flourish. Need a Fire Pit to complete that patio oasis? Need a Patio Umbrella to save yourself from that pesky sun? All American has got you covered – literally.

Meet Some of Our Partners

We pride ourselves on offering a selection of the finest brands in the outdoor furniture business. We, along with our partners, offer the highest quality products alongside top-tier service. Whether you are simply shopping online or required hands-on assistance upgrading your space, All American Outdoor Living is standing by to help with our premiere White Glove Service. We think it is a service that is second to none. 

Sunset West: An upscale line of outdoor products that include various modern and luxurious pieces that will make you and your family finally make proper use of and enjoy the external areas next to your home. These carefully designed pieces are produced to appeal to your sense of style and fashion so that your body and eyes can relax when immersed within the Sunset West patio furniture collection.

They create a beautiful contrast between the outdoor living area and your outdoor space’s vibrant natural colors and are available in tan, gray, and white. You can place any Sunset West outdoor furniture piece in a covered or open area and integrate it within a modern, traditional, or transitional style to accentuate the beauty of your patio or garden. You can even use these pieces in a commercial area such as a bar or lounge to attract more customers and offer an unforgettable and relaxing experience.

Cane-Line: The Cane-Line outdoor furniture includes some of our most inspiring and modern patio furniture in our collection. Cane-Line chairs are sleek and elegant. The Cane-Line outdoor sofas feature an utterly relaxing piece of furniture that will make your patio or garden seem considerably more beautiful and curated.

Our Cane-Line garden furniture comes in brown or other contemporary colors and can be matched with any design style, from modern to casual, rustic, or artisan. In addition, you can place any Cane-Line lounge chair or sofa in an open space without worrying whether you need to anchor it to something else. The captivating design of these chairs and sofas allow them to become accent pieces in any outdoor environment. The Cane-Line patio furniture can seat two people and is made of an aluminum, teak, or wicker frame, combined with a cushion, teak, or wicker seating material.

Ratana: The name Ratana signifies elegance in timeless design and exceptional quality of outdoor furniture, ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary. Ratana outdoor furniture caters to any style and setting that truly enhances your home and casual living experiences. Our comprehensive line of contract and hospitality specification furniture can be seen worldwide, from 5-star luxury hotels to top-ranked restaurants, from international golf courses to global Olympic venues. Ratana patio furniture pieces are poised to create the ideal setting with premier comfort and prestige to achieve the ultimate relaxation for your luxury lifestyle.

Ratana outdoor furniture pieces are characterized by unique and modern colors such as pink, black, brown, purple, and gray. You can place them in both covered and open spaces to make your outdoor living room more comfortable and extra luxurious. Their sleek and elegant aluminum frames, combined with soft cushions, appeal to your sense of style and allows you to relax in your private oasis.

Fire Pits

Gathering around a fire with friends and family is an unquestionably enjoyable and social outdoor activity. The warmth and light of fire are incredibly soothing, whether you’re making s’mores and sharing ghost stories with the kids, catching up with neighbors over a few drinks, or simply stargazing with a partner.

These types of activities have become so commonplace that purchasing a fire pit has almost become a requirement for homeowners. However, with so many choices to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones are a worthy investment.

Our line of fire pits is among the most adaptable, well-built, elegant, and efficient models available on the market today. The 42-inch Alumi-Crete Round Firepit is our top seller, and a great example of the high-quality pits open in our catalog. This line of fire pits is powder-coated in aluminum with a Teflon-coated clear finish for a look that is indeed the definition of a modern sheik design. Each model comes with optional fiberglass in an array of colors and reflections to truly elevate the style of your outdoor space. These pits are fitted with stainless steel burners powered by propane tanks, making them easy to maintain and incredibly affordable to operate. Make time this summer to gather with family and friends around your new fire pit and enjoy the best homemade s’mores in town. Just don’t let the marshmallows burn!

Outdoor Couches and Seating

Designed to offer proper outdoor luxury seating, our line of outdoor couches, love seats, and sofa chairs take on proportions and scale usually reserved for indoor upholstery. The collection’s styling is timeless; the comfort is unsurpassed, the only thing missing is the environment in which to place it.

Your patio is supposed to be a place where you can unwind and relax, so some kind of seating is needed. If you have a small yard, luxury comfort chairs are a great choice. Garden chairs come in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, wicker, and aluminum. You should choose the material based on your budget and needs. If your space is small, two chairs will suffice, but if your garden is more extensive, a collection of four or six chairs is suggested.

Loveseats: Our most popular loveseat combines modern and industrial design elements into one eye-catching piece. Its open silhouette and elegant, angular lines are thoughtfully enhanced by details like beveled extrusion edges and subtle soft curves. The Redondo range, which is made of the highest quality materials for comfort and longevity, will last a long time with little upkeep. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame with a polished burnished slate finish and resin feet to protect the foundation.

Large Sofas: Sofa sets are possibly the best choice for garden furniture if you have a large yard. They provide the utmost relaxation. Your garden will look attractive, classy, and decent with sofa sets. What could be better than sitting outside with your guests and talking while enjoying the cool breeze and the fragrance of fresh plants?

All of our large sofas are handcrafted, fully welded into a heat-resistant aluminum frame, durable, architectural grade, and come with a powder-coated finish. The cushions are made of quick-dry foam and come in a wide variety of colors to match your home’s style. They are also UV and weather resistant. Our Coronado Large Sofa is a popular choice and a great place to start your search for the perfect outdoor couch.

If you have ample outdoor space, consider a more oversized couch to fill the space and expand your hosting abilities. Consider our popular Redondo 3-Piece Sectional for the ultimate lounging experience. 

Chairs: If you’re working with a smaller space or budget, consider one or two small comfortable chairs for outdoor relaxing. The Coronado Club Swivel Rocker is an elegant choice that can add a natural boost of class and comfort to your yard.

Don’t wait; the deals are going fast! Visit our showroom for the best deals and be sure to ask about our new ROMA collection. 

Replacement Slings for Your Patio Chairs

Tackle this DIY project as you prepare for Summer

As we get ready for summer, it’s an excellent time to consider upgrading to luxury patio furniture brands sold by All American Outdoor Living. But if you have a sling-back chair that has seen better days, you can use this DIY guide to save you money and refresh your chairs.

1. Remove the old plastic end caps on the patio sling rail

First and foremost, you need to disassemble your patio sling chair to install the new sling fabric. Remove the plastic end caps (plastic covers over the sling rails) from both ends of the sling rails with a flat head screwdriver or pliers. When removing your old end caps, be careful because they are often dry, brittle, and easy to crack. Take care not to damage them (you’ll need to remove them from both ends of the sling rails). Matching plastic caps can be difficult to locate depending on the manufacturer and color of your frames.

2. Remove the old sling material and spreader bars

It can be challenging to get the slings out of the rails at times. If the old slings are very old and have spent a lot of time in the sun, the plastic splines will be very brittle and rigid and will possibly break in chunks when you attempt to slide the old sling out of the rail. You’ll find that the new slings and splines are a breeze to install, particularly when compared to removing the old ones.

Remove each side of the old sling by slitting the fabric in the center. Cutting the old patio sling down the middle with a kitchen knife or heavy-duty scissors is the best way to get rid of it. Unbolt both sling rails before continuing if you don’t want to break your old slings by cutting them in half. The spreader bars, which are metal bars placed between the sling posts, must also be removed.

The sling sometimes becomes wedged inside the sling rail. Break the sling free by moving it back inside the sling rail with both hands. The fabric and plastic sling rod have been wedged up to the top of the rail opening due to the body’s weight lying on the old patio sling fabric.

This occurrence, combined with dirt and debris, gives the sling fabric’s edge the appearance of being glued in place. Spray some watered-down dish soap along the entire length of the sling rail to help loosen the sling and cloth. Allow the soapy mixture to work its magic for a few minutes. It takes some time to soak into the rail and dissolve the dirt and oils attached to the cloth.

There’s no need to preserve the sling rod or spline made out of plastic. As part of the kit, your new patio chair slings should come with a new supple sling rod. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to reuse your old sling spline because it’s too dry and brittle. Re-threading the spline into the sewn rod pocket of your new replacement slings might be challenging.

The rusty, filthy fabric can easily slip out the sling rail’s bottom end. Grasp the sling with your hands or pliers and pull it away from the sling rail. Someone can keep the patio sling chair in place while someone else removes the old fabric from the rail.

If the old patio sling fabric is stubborn and won’t come free from the sling rail, use a flat head screwdriver to pry it loose. With the flat end of the screwdriver, force the patio sling fabric into the sling rail.

3. Remove the bolts from the rails

The plastic rod or spline threaded through the rod pockets on your new patio sling is held in place by the sling rails, which also support the edges of the new patio sling fabric. Bolts can secure one or both of the sling rails to the patio sling chair frame’s main body. The bolts are threaded into the chair frame via the sling rail. Remove all bolts (usually 4-6) from the patio chair frame with the required method.

Spray the bolts with a penetrating oil if they’re proving difficult to extract (Liquid Wrench, NAPA 6300). The oil would loosen any rust or corrosion on the bolt. Allow at least an hour for the oil to soak before continuing. Bolts and other hardware should be saved for reinstallation. It’s a safe idea to repair the bolts if they’re bent or rusted.

The bolt should not be forced out of the frame. You run the risk of snapping the bolts and potentially stripping out the threaded inserts, requiring additional frame repairs.

4. Take measurements for the new sling

To measure for new slings, take the width measurement while the old slings are still on, and measure the two rails from outside channel to outside channel (click for example) to the nearest 1/4″. The length of the old sling may generally be removed. We seldom use the width calculation by just measuring old slings after they’ve been replaced because we’ve noticed that the old slings are usually stretched or broken, and if new slings are the same width as the removed sling, they’re too loose. When ordering slings, always specify the width first, followed by the weight (width” x length”).

4. Insert the Sling Spline or Plastic Sling Rod

The new splines must first be mounted in the new slings’ side hems that fit into the sling rails. Feed the spline from one end, and it should feed all the way through. The new replacement slings are usually shipped without the plastic sling rod or sling spline installed.

Insert the sling spline into each side of the sling. The sling spline will be longer than necessary; do not trim away the excess until later in the installation process. If you are having trouble inserting the sling spline, try sharpening the end in a pencil sharpener. Insert the pencil into the opposite end of the sling or the end you are pushing toward. The pencil or pen will be pushed out in the future by the sling spline and not caught on the inner hem.

6. Replace sling fabric and spline into the sling rails

Ensure the rails are in the same place as when they were removed before slipping the sling into the rail. Slide the fabric through the sling rails, keeping the tag at the top of the chair to separate the top from the sling’s bottom.

Place one side of the sling into one of the sling rails (but not both) — then remove the sling rail entirely from the chair frame after the sling is mounted on one side — then install the new sling into the other sling rail that is still on the chair frame. 

Last but not least, reattach the loose sling rail to the chair frame. By carefully gripping the ends of the fabric near the ends of the sling rail and gently tugging as you tighten the sling rail to the edge, you can progressively draw the material close to the ends of the sling rails.

7. Reinstall the bolts

Attach the sling rails to the chair frame with the newly mounted sling. Line up the holes and tighten all of the bolts with your fingers. Do not tighten the bolts all the way. You want to work your way around the chair and tighten each bolt a little bit at a time so the bolts tighten into the sling rails at the same rate. Do not fully tighten the bolts at this time. 

Pull the sling until it is even with both sling rails, starting at the bottom of the chair. Tighten just the two bottom bolts until the sling is flush with BOTH sling rails. This action will hold the sling’s bottom in place and secure.

8. Stretch the sling material

Stretch the fabric upward to remove any wrinkles left in the bend of the seat. To stretch and pull the material through the sling rails, use a pair of pliers. Take care not to tear the fabric by of your sling chaise lounge by pulling too hard.

Since the fabric tends to slip back down the sling rail, it may be beneficial to use a pair of clamps to keep it in place. If you don’t have clamps, having someone to assist you with this move might be beneficial. Place your back against the chair. Stretch the sling upward to the edge of the sling rail with pliers until both the fabric and the sling rail are even. Using clamps or having someone keep the sling in place while you tighten the remaining bolts is a good idea at this stage. The sling should now be snug and wrinkle-free.

9. Reinstall the spreader bars

Installing a new sling and reassembling a chair is not difficult, but reinstalling the spreader bars can be challenging at times.

The spreader bar aims to hold the sling fabric taut. Spreader bars must be reinstalled if your chair came with them. Turn your chair sideways, taking care not to scratch the handles. Try bending the spreader bar just enough over your knee to allow it to fit into position. If you cannot turn the spreader bar, a spreader tool will be needed to spread the slings rails apart, allowing room for the spreader bar.

To avoid wrinkles in the fabric where the sling rails bend more sharply, the slings must also be extended in length. Pull at the sling ends nearest to the sling rail with the vise grips clamped on the thread (loosen the sling rail from the frame). Take extra caution here, as ripping the fabric is very easy if you pull too hard. Even the manufacturer has been known to tear the new sling during this phase, forcing them to discard it and try again with a new sling, so be extremely cautious. A few wrinkles won’t damage the fabric or its work, but a ripped sling can be incredibly inconvenient.

10. Trim excess spline and reinstall the end caps

Cut all excess sling spline with scissors, utility knife, or cutting, pliers, then gently tap end caps back onto sling rails with a rubber mallet. 

Voila! You have successfully replaced your patio chair slings in time for the warm months ahead.

A Practical Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Outdoor Furniture

An industry-specific guide for purchasing outdoor furniture for your commercial space

Many of our clients are business owners, and as you know, maximizing every inch of your commercial space is essential to your operation’s bottom line. With the coronavirus, outdoor space has become a premium commodity for restaurants and other customer-facing businesses. Putting your outdoor space to practical use is no longer a luxury you can afford to ignore. 

While fighting the spread of COVID-19, numerous restaurants have transitioned sections of their entrance, sidewalk, waiting areas and parking lots into dining areas for guests. Considering the circumstances, businesses that invest in upgrading their outdoor patio furniture will see higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Having a warm and inviting exterior atmosphere is also vital for businesses that are not merely responding to the pandemic’s constraints. Lovely decorated and furnished outdoor spaces can bring people together for business, socialization, dining, and more. This article will give you a brief guide on what to look for when buying outdoor furniture for your commercial spaces. 

What Makes a Good Piece of Outdoor Furniture?

You will, in practical terms, consider several factors when deciding on the right outdoor furniture and decor for your business. If this is your first time purchasing outdoor furniture for commercial use, you’ll want to start slow and add on as you go. The goal at this stage will be to install the essentials and then see how your customers respond. Based on their feedback, you’ll then be able to add more decor, extra non-essential furniture, and other finishing touches.

The most important thing is NOT to use your indoor furniture outside. The majority of indoor furniture is not weatherproofed and will fall apart quickly with outdoor use, adding unnecessary additional costs. If you are converting your business operations in the face of the pandemic, don’t make this easily avoidable mistake. 

Here are few things to consider as you browse the online furniture catalogs.

Climate: Factoring in your local weather conditions is incredibly important to conducting business outdoors. Suppose you live in an area with consistent rainfall. In that case, you’ll want to play accordingly with overhead awnings, umbrellas, heaters, etc. Look for furniture that is made of weather-resistant materials, such as wood, plastic, or resin. Avoid metal furniture unless you live in a predominantly sunny and dry climate. 

Portability: Even if you purchase weatherproof furniture, you’ll likely be bringing some or all of it indoors at the end of your operational hours. Consider this when making your selections, as heavy furniture could be a hassle to move back and forth daily. You may also want to consider purchasing chairs that can be stacked to save space. 

Size of Your Outdoor Space: How big is the outdoor space you are trying to furnish? It’s a simple question, but that answer will guide a lot of your final decisions. In practical terms, you should measure the space for actual square footage to know how much you can fit in your area. It would help if you also tried to visualize your area with specific and enough free space for everyone to walk through easily. 

Operation and Use: What does your business do? Your furniture needs will be based around tables, chairs, and comfortable seating if you are a restaurant. If your company operates in large open spaces, maybe you are in the market for benches or community picnic tables. Take into account your business’s specific operations and how you can factor outdoor customer comfort into them. 

Choose the Right Materials

As we touched on lightly above, the material you choose for your outdoor furniture is critical. Investing in the right material will give your furniture longevity. Weather is an essential consideration as it determines how durable your furniture needs to be. Lightweight metal furniture will serve customers much better in hotter climates rather than it will customers in a snowbelt. 

Another consideration for furniture material is the ease with which it can be cleaned. Some ultra-luxurious furniture will demand more time and attention to clean than some simpler designs. If you are not keen on constant cleaning, lean toward furniture that is a single piece and does not have cushions. 

Lastly, you’ll want to consider design preferences and your budget. Outdoor furniture can be quite expensive, especially if you have extravagant tastes. Your business will dictate what is right for you in this area, but a budget-conscious business can do a lot with minimalistic furniture and decor. Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials and their pros and cons. First up, the metals:

Steel: Steel furniture and tables are a popular choice for outdoor establishments that don’t plan to move their furniture inside regularly. It’s heavy, making it a great choice if you don’t want your furniture to get up and walk away on you overnight. Powder-coated steel is a smart option that comes in several colors and pattern styles. Just stay on top of your regular maintenance, especially after inclement weather, and your steel furniture will last for years to come.

Iron: Similar to steel, iron is a durable and heavy material. It is an excellent investment for furniture that will have a long life. Iron is weighty and hard to steel, and contrary to popular belief, it is not that difficult to maintain to avoid rust and corrosion.

Aluminum: Lightweight, durable, and affordable. Aluminum is an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers and is widely used by manufacturers. It is resistant to corrosion and rust and is one of the few metals used in rainy or humid climates. Cleaning aluminum furniture is very quick and easy. Aluminum also won’t corrode and is often offered in several styles and finishes. 

If metal options are undesirable for your climate or operation, consider one of the following:

Resin and Plastic: Resin is the modern choice and a great one. Durable, long-lasting, resistant to staining, fading, and scratching, this material is an all-star. Usually made of plastic, resin furniture is attractive to the eye and the wallet. If you live in a wet climate or near a body of water, resin furniture is your best bet.

Fake Wood: You’ll notice that real wood did not make it onto our recommended materials list. While wood is affordable, abundant, and fits many business aesthetics, we consider it a poor investment in the long run. Wood has the tendency to warp, rot, and splinter if exposed to the weather for too long. Wood is also heavy and not easy to move quickly. Therefore, if you are going for a wood-look, consider faux-wood. 

Fake wood options offer the elegant look for a wooden piece of furniture, with none of the upkeep’s stress. These materials are very professional-looking and can be cleaned or sanitized quickly, making them an excellent option for restaurants with high customer turnover. Fake wood furniture can easily be spruced up with cushions to make them more attractive and comfortable.

Selecting Your Style

Your furniture’s material is essential, but the design and style will speak volumes about your business. If you are a local bar, your outdoor furniture can be less expensive and kitschy. If you are an upscale restaurant, you might want to consider something with a bit more pomp. Select the right style of furniture for your business by focusing on the following advice:

Camouflage: If you are unsure how to style your outdoor space, let nature be your guide. Customers enjoy the feeling of nature, even if it isn’t a natural setting, when outside. If you add an element such as a space heater, see if it can be placed somewhere discreetly or incorporated into the design of the space. Lean toward furniture that fits around your natural environment and tone. 

Branding: Just because you are outside do not mean you should abandon your regular branding efforts. If you can customize the color of your tabletops or chair cushions, do it. Customers appreciate knowing they are still getting the same quality experience even though they are outside. You may also consider investing in some outdoor branded materials, such as signage, hanging decor, etc.

Decor: Lean into the fact that you are outside by adding elements of nature. Bring in plants, flowers, or even allow animals on-site if possible. Some businesses may even be able to accommodate people’s pets in ways they were not previously able to. Consider setting up a water bowl or keep doggy treats on hand for customers. Little things like this will make the customer feel that you’ve gone above and beyond.

Consistency: Stay consistent with your outdoor furniture purchases. If you start in one material and color, stay in the realm of that original choice. Treat your decor choices outside the same as if you were decorating the inside.

In summary, look for furniture that is durable to the weather, easy to clean, lightweight to be moved, matches your branding, and elegant wherever possible. Follow this guide, and you will find the perfect commercial outdoor furniture for your business.

For more information on commercial patio furniture, please contact us or visit our showroom.

Redesigning Your Backyard Patio for 2021

Outdoor living trends for the new year

2020 was a heck of a year. It is a year that forced many people to stay at home for lengths previously unheard of in our modern times. It caused many of us to reconsider our interior and exterior spaces at home to maximize comfort and utility in the face of this nationwide lockdown. People across the United States learned how to work from their homes’ comfort and maximize their outdoor space for convenience and entertainment. 2020 saw an incredible surge in home improvements, renovations, and outdoor expansions. 

Both last year and now in 2021, our collective patios, gardens, porches, and yards (both front and back) have come to serve an even greater purpose than they did before. These spaces have functioned as our places of refuge, our at-home gymnasiums, and even our offices where we work from home. 

While it is hard to stay positive in the face of the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, there are some dark clouds with a silver lining. These events have forced us to pursue lifestyles that are more sustainable, practical, and humble. It has taught us the value and importance of our physical and mental health and genuinely balancing work and play from home.

While it is exciting that vaccines are beginning to roll out in 2021, judging by the current state of things, our outdoor spaces will likely continue to be our primary spaces for work, family socialization, and relaxation. This article will discuss some popular new trends for those still looking to improve or expand their outdoor living space.

Creating an Outdoor Space for Year-Round Use

Considering how accustomed we have become to life at home, it is not a stretch to imagine that the majority of people will be continuing to utilize their outdoor area in the coming year. To make the most of your outdoor space, it is essential to weatherproof your furniture and equipment to be usable all year long. You can take several steps or gadgets you can invest in to make your space functional regardless of the time of year or weather conditions.

As you may have heard in the news, medical supplies and protective gear have been in short supply since the beginning of the pandemic. We have also seen shortages of certain foodstuffs and manufactured goods. Possibly the strangest (yet logical) of the many supply shortages that we faced during the fight against COVID-19 was the nationwide outdoor heater shortage. 

As the virus raged on into summer and then into fall, many of us realized our holiday gatherings would be on hiatus if we didn’t figure out how to keep a large open space warm in the dead of winter. These units are becoming available again just as we begin to leave the winter season, but the smart homeowner will invest these preemptively for the colder months ahead.

Expect more significant investment in products that make our patios, balconies, and backyards more livable in extreme temperatures. Heat lamps and fire pits are a great option to snuggle up to. There are so many types of fire pits that you can easily find a style that works well for your outdoors. Several strategically placed outdoor rugs can do a ton of heavy lifting when reducing the chill from the ground. As for the hotter months, we love retractable shade fixtures, such as umbrellas and shade sails, to repel the afternoon sun. Drop-down screens can be installed to enclose patio spaces and help fend off insects. Fans are also a huge help, whether it’s bringing an indoor fan outside for a breeze or installing a ceiling fan outdoors.

Green Thumb Gardeners

Gardening as a hobby has become dramatically more prevalent during this time of lockdown. People took to gardening to pass the time, save money on produce, and brighten their outdoor space with living plants. Gardens are an excellent investment and require less upkeep than you might think. They are fantastic to have year-round and can serve as a great educational tool for parents with children at home. 

Make sure to grow to produce in season, and you will be eating fresh and healthy all year round. Plant beets, broccoli, cabbage, kale, and other hardy veggies as soon as the soil is workable. Once you’re sure the last of winter’s frost is over, your options widen. Lettuce, radishes, carrots, and string beans are all easy to grow outside of winter. By spring, it’s time to turn over those veggie boxes with our favorites: melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash for some of the best outdoor meals you’ve ever made.

Composting and Self-Sustaining Gardens: Composting is a hot topic right now, and the availability of community composting programs awareness and participation has increased. Composting helps reduce landfill waste and helps decrease the amount of trash sent to landfills by 80 percent. Composting creates a “superfood” for your garden and can help your plants sustain themselves. The best part of composting is that it’s free and efficient.  People and communities that compost will rise as sustainability become a greater priority across the globe.

Some scientists believe that a collective increase in at-home gardening across the globe will have small yet noticeable benefits to the environment. Gardens can play a small role within the greater scope of the climate but counted together, every outdoor space in the urban environment can cumulatively make significant strides. That means property owners and renters can make environmentally responsible choices in the process of conceiving and constructing their gardens.

Some of his best tips for cultivating a sustainable garden include setting up a drip irrigation system with a rain sensor to water your plants, avoiding using toxic materials and chemicals to help your plants grow, covering bare soil with green mulch, opting for a diversity of plant species, and going with perennials over annuals when possible. Sustain wildlife and maintain a habitat-friendly garden for birds and pollinators.

Residential Gardens for City Folk: Creating a dynamic outdoor space doesn’t have to be limited by your lack of square footage — it just requires a bit more forethought. Gardening on balconies can do wonders for our mental health, as well as give us a new (and manageable) hobby in 2021. Taking advantage of outside walls is a beautiful way to inject color into space with more plants—or even a nature-inspired mural. Editing is the key in all good design, and allowing one or two areas to be unused can make a small city garden appear larger. Strategize where to place pops of color to make the most of your small but mighty space.

When selecting plants for city growth, try to incorporate native plants into your garden. Native plants are best because they provide benefits for regional birds and insects. They are often more suited to the local soils and temperatures than ornamental plants you can order online.

Party in the Front

While the backyard has been a fabulous place to relax, unwind, find peace of mind, discover a new hobby, we’re now looking to our front yards to be a warm and inviting space to entertain friends, family, and neighbors as we slowly return to normalcy. There’s still a long road ahead before we can welcome all our loved ones inside for dinner parties and happy hours, and the front yard is a beautiful place to set a long table, socially distance, and converse with long lost nearby neighbors.

This season is an excellent chance to upgrade or invest in some nice furniture for the front, such as a porch swing or a table set. A collection of socially distanced chairs and tables make for a great start to a community gathering. Make sure to factor in outdoor lighting so that everyone is well lit into the evening. String lights are a magical element you can implement here.

Seamlessly Transition from Indoors to Outside

If you fancy yourself as a design or gardening enthusiast, then you have likely heard of the term “biophilic design.” This concept is used to increase one’s connectivity to nature through architecture. As most of us have been doing almost everything at home for over a year, creating a natural flow between indoors and out will not only maximize your home’s space but will also give you a much-needed mental break.

To achieve the feeling of a seamless transition from the inside of your home to the outside, arrange the furniture as if the outside and indoor areas were the same room. By treating both spaces as one room, you take the outside in and make the entire space more usable. Another way to create a marriage between indoors and out is to use the same flooring and fabrics in both locations. Outdoor fabrics are phenomenal for a comfortable indoor living; plus, they protect from messy pets and kids.

Preparing Your Backyard Patio for Winter

Winter is here and it is on in full force. As the temperatures drop and the trees shed their leaves, one thing becomes clear: it’s time to prepare for the cold weather. Regardless of the materials your outdoor furniture is made of, be it wood, wicker, metal, or plastic, it’s important that you store your patio set in a dry place where the snow and rain can’t get to it. Leaving your furniture out all winter is a surefire way to ruin it.

Now is the perfect time to either enjoy mother nature at her coldest, or pack up the patio furniture for the coming months and stay inside. Whether you are the type to bundle up and enjoy the winter on your patio or are more inclined to hibernate for winter, we have all the information you need to prepare you patio space for the cold weather ahead. Below is our best advice for making the most out of your patio space in the cold weather, followed by our top tips for safely securing your until next season.

Embrace the Cold Weather

As the saying goes, “some like it hot”. I’m sure Marilyn would agree that this logic would also imply that “some like it cold”. If you are the type of person who loves a hot beverage on a cold winter’s day, then this section of the article is for you. Too many people give up on enjoying their outdoor space in the face of a little cold weather or rain. Here at All American Outdoor Living, we believe you should enjoy your patio all year round. Grab your blankets.

In order to enjoy your patio in the cold weather, you’ll need to consider some weather appropriate additions to your patio space. If you don’t already own a fire pit or a fire table, now would be the time to consider investing in one. A fire pit can warm you and your family on the warmest of winter nights and can add a magical ambiance to your patio.

Imagine spending Christmas Eve roasting chestnuts over a literal open fire. That magical moment is within reach if you install a fire pit. Fire pits are also great all year round. You may be investing in one because of the cold weather, but you’ll still be reaping the benefits of it come summer time. I can smell the s’mores already!

If you don’t have the outdoor space that can accommodate a fire pit, consider an alternative in a fire table. Fire tables are the hot new trend in the backyard furniture game. Small, lightweight, affordable, efficient, and magical are all terms that accurately describe fire tables. You can even get coffee table sized fire tables so you can start your day off with a cup of java next to a warm fire.

Hibernate for the Winter

If you fall into the other camp of people who would prefer to hide away from the cold weather, we can’t blame you. No one truly loves to be cold; some just prefer to bundle up in spite of it. Here is all the information you need to properly prepare your patio for the long winter.

Clean Everything:

Arguably the most important and most often overlooked part of patio maintenance is to simply clean everything. This goes double for packing up your furniture for the winter. It is important to scrape off any mud, dirt, mold, mildew or grime that has built up over time. There’s no sense in covering and storing your furniture if it is dirty, as it will still take wear and tear damage from the dirt over time.

It is also important to inspect any metal furniture you have for rust and oxidation. Addressing these issues before storing them will greatly reduce the odds of the problem getting worse over time. Use steel wool and paint to clean and refinish any areas that might have succumbed to mother nature’s elements.

Patio Covers:

Properly form fitted patio covers are the most important factor for keeping your patio furniture safe this winter. Most manufacturers offer custom fitting covers for their products and are always considered a good investment if they don’t come with the initial purchase. If you can’t get a set of custom covers, invest in a general set of covers that will fit your pieces. Look for covers that offer high quality fabrics made of synthetic fibers.

All American Outdoor Living outdoor patio covers are constructed of top-grade fabrics and fibers, made of solution dyed acrylic and nylon fabrics. Our outdoor patio furniture covers are durable and breathable, water resistant, and will not crack or peel like vinyl. The patio covers are beige in color and have a variety of sizes that fit table and chair covers, individual covers like an outdoor sofa, or love seat; also available are fire pit covers, chaise lounge and umbrella cover.

Our outdoor patio covers will fit aluminum furniture companies such as Tropitone, Mallin, Brown Jordan or Castelle, as well wicker manufacturers like Ebel, NorthCape International, and Lloyd Flanders; along with outdoor wrought iron companies like O.W. Lee and Meadowcraft.

Stack It Up:

One way you can approach you patio shutdown is to think of it as way challenge to save space. In doing such, you’ll find that stacking matching chairs can save space and make it easy to cover with a single large tarp or cover. You can also flip small tables upside down and stack them on each other. Wrap any glass pieces in blankets and/or towels to keep them from getting too cold and shattering when you bring them back out the following season. Also, check the storage area for potential leaks and flaws in the structure that might allow rodents or water to get inside.

Wicker Weatherproofing:

Here is a great tip for owners of wicker furniture. Use a bleach and water solution to brush over the surface of your furniture. In doing so, you will prevent mildew from growing which can occur even with a cover over it. There also solutions you can purchase to repel moisture on the legs of wicker chairs and tables. Apply a water-repellent finish to reinforce furniture and protect it from any moisture that might find its way into the storage space.

Wash Your Fabrics:

If your patio featured furniture with lots of cushions, you’ll want to remove those and take them inside for cleaning and storage. Pay attention to the specific cleaning and care instructions provided with your covers as not all materials can simply be thrown into the washing machine. Use a color safe bleach to kill any mold or mildew that may have grown while outside.

If your patio cushions cannot be taken apart, use a mild detergent and soft brush to clean the exteriors. You can then leave them hanging to air dry, which should happen rather quickly in the cold weather.

Hide Your Plastic:

If you have any furniture or decor that is made of plastic, consider moving it inside for the winter. Plastic furniture is extremely resistant to the rain and snow, but the cold it becomes, the more brittle it is. Plastic furniture can be covered, but doing so will not guarantee that the structural integrity of the piece will stay intact. Move your furniture somewhere warm and dry or you might accidentally shatter the furniture into pieces the next time you go to use it. Also, fix any cracks you find in plastic furniture however minor or the cracks will likely spread until they’re too large to repair.

Wax Your Aluminum:

It might sound odd, but good old fashioned car wax is the perfect defense for your aluminum furniture against the cold harsh weather. Wash down any aluminum furniture you have and completely dry before apply a layer of automotive wax. This will help keep water off the aluminum and protect the paint from inclement weather.

If you experience any paint chippings, you can also use car touch up paint to fix any unsightly blemishes on your furniture. Who knew automotive products would be so handy for protecting your patio!

Seal Your Wood:

If you have any furniture that is made out of wood, you’ll want to consider using a sealant to protect it from moisture and rain. Sealing the wood will prevent the wood from expanding and becoming misshapen. If you have teak furniture specifically, this might be less of an issue for you. Teak is naturally full of resin and oils which prevent winter from permeating the surface. Considering teak is the most popular wood in outdoor furniture, this may apply to you. Either way, double check your wooden furniture and see if adding a coat of sealant might just extend the life of your patio furniture.

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