A Secret Ingredient for Long-Lasting Eco-Friendly Furniture: HDPE

There is a new secret ingredient in the outdoor furniture arena. It is long-lasting, easy to clean, recyclable, and can work as a covering for your furniture, or even as planks of lumber. This material withstands blustery winds, cold winter nights and the sweltering rays of Arizona’s hot summer sun. This material is HDPE, short for high-density polyethylene, and we love how it’s being used in outdoor furniture.

Cool Facts About High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

According to Acme plastics, HDPE is “made of a higher grade thermoplastic polymer that comes from petroleum. It resists corrosion and oils, is easily recycled, and is easily sanitized for use with food.

HDPE is currently in high demand. In fact, according to recent research from Byjus.com, this type of polyethylene accounts for more than 34 percent of the world’s plastic market. In fact, a recent market study from Cerasana stated that the worldwide demand for HDPE will increase by an average of 2.9 percent per year by 2026.

Although you might not have heard of it before, it is probable that you have HDPE in your home right now, and not just in your furniture. 

Common household uses for HDPE:

  • Food storage containers
  • Cutting boards
  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk jugs
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Bleach bottles
  • Drinking water pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Storage sheds
  • Plastic lumber
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Bottle crates
  • Shoe Laces

4 Benefits of HDPE Furniture

Although there are many many benefits to HDPE Furniture, there are four we think you’ll particularly appreciate.

  • Weather Resistant

HDPE can withstand much higher temperatures than other furniture materials, which makes it perfect for warm climates. It’s a great choice for the beach as well.

Other features:

  • HDPE Is UV protective so it maintains the color and stability of your furniture.
  • HDPE will not rust, which overcomes one of the biggest drawbacks of metal.
  • Long Lasting

HDPE is a strong, resilient plastic so it lasts a long time. Furniture made from or covered with this material can last for decades in harsh weather conditions. It’s so strong that it can withstand heavier loads than most of the other types of polyethylene due to its high strength-to-density ratio. It is also dent-resistant.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

HDPE furniture is simple to clean and maintain. It is resistant to many common solvents, acids, and other cleaning chemicals, including bleach. For example, our stain-resistant Adirondack Plus requires no painting or waterproofing and cleans easily with soap, water, and a soft bristle brush.

  • Environmentally Responsible 

HDPE is easily recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible plastic. Reclaimplastics.com shares that HDPE is “accepted by street pick-up recycling services almost worldwide and can then be used in the production of new products. 

HDPE Benefits in Brand-Name Furniture

HDPE is a great ingredient to have in your furniture. Brands like Tropitone, MAD Fusion and Polywood are marrying HDPE’s versatility with modern style and comfort. 


Tropitone’s polymer furniture is designed to revolutionize your water lounging experience. These pieces can rest directly in your pool without fading or degrading. We particularly love the Curve chaise lounge.


Our Curve chaise lounge mimics the contour of the human body with an arched back, low seat, and a bend for the legs. Made from an environmentally friendly, waterproof polymer, Curve is suitable both inside the water and for poolside lounging. Several bright color options make this a fun choice for homes or hotels.

Let’s face it, Tropitone is always a great choice for outdoor furniture.

“If you’re looking to spice things up around your patio, furniture from Tropitone is an excellent choice. This highly versatile brand boasts a wide array of styles to choose from that range anywhere from vibrant and tropical-inspired to sleek and contemporary. Each piece made by Tropitone is crafted of the highest quality with sturdy, weather-resistant frames. Colorful cushions lend a vibrant element to your patio, and you can integrate them into any outdoor space with ease.” – All American Outdoor Furniture blog post

MAD Fusion

We love this MAD Fusion HDPE Adirondack chair! This modern take on a classic chair works well in any environment. Arrange them around your outdoor fire pit, by the poo, or take them to your next beach BBQ to lounge in comfort. 

With more than a dozen color options, these chairs will complement your outdoor style. The MAD Collection also features an extensive array of modern tables and chairs in dining, balcony and bar heights, all constructed from EnviroWood¨ HDPE all weather lumber.


Polywood’s HDPE Outdoor Furniture collection, featured by All American Outdoor Living, is a fan favorite on our site. Polywood patio furniture comes in a variety of colors including pink, tank, black, brown, gray, green, orange, red, teal, white, yellow and blue. 

In addition, HDPE patio furniture can be integrated in any modern, traditional, transitional, coastal or casual outdoor design. Their compact square or rectangular shapes make them perfect for lounges and small patios as well as at poolside. 

Final Thoughts

HDPE is a versatile material that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. It works well as a covering or as planks of lumber and benefits like  being long lasting, recyclable, weather resistant, is easy to clean – make this the perfect furniture to add to your outdoor living space. Please come visit our showroom to see all of our HDPE furniture options.

ThanksgivingAway: Giving Back by Giving Away

We’re excited to announce our Thanksgivingaway event, just in time for the holidays. This event is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to do what we love, which is to transform outdoor living in the Valley. All-American Outdoor Living believes in community, and we deeply appreciate that you are part of our customer community. 

What Is Thanksgivingaway?

Thanksgivingaway expresses our strong desire to contribute to our neighbors’ health, happiness and well-being. For this Holiday Thank You Event, we are giving away two prizes in one: a Scottsdale outdoor furniture set and a great Thanksgiving meal.

More about the furniture

Our Scottsdale collection is “a wicker collection with flair,” which is why we chose it for this special giveaway. This six-piece Scottsdale resin wicker furniture set is perfect for any outdoor space. Natural all-weather wicker is handwoven over an aluminum frame and is adaptable to any sized space. Pairing this set with a meal is a perfect combination for a memorable holiday.

What Is Thanksgivingaway?

Thanksgivingaway expresses our strong desire to contribute to our neighbors’ health, happiness and well-being. For this Holiday Thank You Event, we are giving away two prizes in one: a Portofino® outdoor furniture set and a great Thanksgiving meal.

Valuable features of Thanksgivingaway’s premium outdoor dining set include:

* All-Aluminum Constructed Frame
*All-Weather N-Dura Resin Wicker Weave
*Optional Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics
*5 Yr. Limited Warranty

Click here to enter our Thanksgiving away drawing. Please read to the end of this article to learn how you can earn extra entries in the drawing. 

The Thanksgivingaway Dinner

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and we are feeling a lot of that this year! 

Thanksgivingaway is our chance to show it and provide a fantastic turkey dinner to some lucky family for Thanksgiving, along with a chance to win a premier outdoor furniture set that will support your outdoor lifestyle for years to come.

5 Benefits of our Thanksgivingaway furniture

This comfortable outdoor dining set doesn’t just look good. There are five more notable benefits for you to enjoy.

1.Durable and Weather Resistant

Premium durable furniture with aesthetic appeal and minimal care is part of our customer promise. Scottsdale’s all-weather N-Dura resin wicker weave resists sun damage and is moisture resistant. It’s strong, sturdy, and rust-proof. Even Arizona’s heavy rains simply bead and stream off these chairs, making them mold and mildew resistant. 

Outdoor furniture must be strong enough to stand up the challenges of Mother Nature without fading or degrading. With the proper care, this set will stand up to the elements and look good for many years, even in our challenging climate.

2. Minimal Care Requirements

This dining set requires minimal care to retain its original beauty and appeal. Its design is built to withstand all the dust, dirt, and pollen our desert winds spread around. 

Cleaning your Scottsdale wicker set is as easy as brushing it off or hosing it down. You won’t even need to dry it – just let the sun and wind do the work.

3. Lightweight 

This dining set is lightweight and easy to move. Resin wicker furniture can be rearranged easily, with the season or with your mood.

4. Classic Style

Scottsdale’s classic style is a great fit for most outdoor designs. Wicker furniture has remained popular for centuries, and this set will only add to the aesthetic of your outdoor decor.

5. Affordable

Resin wicker patio furniture tends to be more affordable than traditional wicker furniture, and the above benefits support its long-term value. 

Additionally, our Scottsdale wicker sets are currently being offered at a deep discount. Even if you aren’t our random giveaway winner, you can still hit the jackpot this holiday season with a year-end purchase of one of these sets.

To Enter Our Thanksgivingaway Drawing

Our drawing is on Sunday, November 21 at 5 pm. The winner will be chosen at random. All Entrants must be present at All American Outdoor Living in the Norterra Shopping Center in order to win. 

Click here to enter, and don’t forget to share the drawing on social media to earn extra entries into the giveaway. 

Good luck and, again, THANK YOU!

About Us:

All American Outdoor Living proudly features many industry leaders including the trend setting, yet classic designed Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Castelle and Mallin collections. For those looking for quality affordable outdoor wicker designs that will transform your outdoor living room our North Cape collections are rivaled by none.

In the past 10 years All American Outdoor Living has become the second largest patio furniture retailer in Arizona. The 5th largest Outdoor Living specialist in the Southwest, and is among the top 15 outdoor furniture and accessory retailers in the nation.

The Singer family have been honored to provide quality outdoor furnishings to the “Valley” community and all of Arizona for decades. 

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People are beginning to gather socially again as our world slowly reopens due to the success of the nationwide vaccine rollout. If you are among the many longing for a return to normalcy, this might be the perfect month to consider hosting a get-together with your fully vaccinated family and friends. The timing couldn’t be better either; it’s never been safer (in the last year) to visit with distant loved ones; there are plenty of holidays to choose from, we have spent over a year in relative isolation. We are all going slightly insane, and the weather is beautiful!

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Elegance in the Outdoors

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, All American Outdoor Living has perfected the formula. We offer a diverse line of patio furniture suited to encapsulate your imagination. From rustic to modern, we are proud to present our customers with a broad, colorful selection allowing your unique ideas to flourish. Need a Fire Pit to complete that patio oasis? Need a Patio Umbrella to save yourself from that pesky sun? All American has got you covered – literally.

Meet Some of Our Partners

We pride ourselves on offering a selection of the finest brands in the outdoor furniture business. We, along with our partners, offer the highest quality products alongside top-tier service. Whether you are simply shopping online or required hands-on assistance upgrading your space, All American Outdoor Living is standing by to help with our premiere White Glove Service. We think it is a service that is second to none. 

Sunset West: An upscale line of outdoor products that include various modern and luxurious pieces that will make you and your family finally make proper use of and enjoy the external areas next to your home. These carefully designed pieces are produced to appeal to your sense of style and fashion so that your body and eyes can relax when immersed within the Sunset West patio furniture collection.

They create a beautiful contrast between the outdoor living area and your outdoor space’s vibrant natural colors and are available in tan, gray, and white. You can place any Sunset West outdoor furniture piece in a covered or open area and integrate it within a modern, traditional, or transitional style to accentuate the beauty of your patio or garden. You can even use these pieces in a commercial area such as a bar or lounge to attract more customers and offer an unforgettable and relaxing experience.

Cane-Line: The Cane-Line outdoor furniture includes some of our most inspiring and modern patio furniture in our collection. Cane-Line chairs are sleek and elegant. The Cane-Line outdoor sofas feature an utterly relaxing piece of furniture that will make your patio or garden seem considerably more beautiful and curated.

Our Cane-Line garden furniture comes in brown or other contemporary colors and can be matched with any design style, from modern to casual, rustic, or artisan. In addition, you can place any Cane-Line lounge chair or sofa in an open space without worrying whether you need to anchor it to something else. The captivating design of these chairs and sofas allow them to become accent pieces in any outdoor environment. The Cane-Line patio furniture can seat two people and is made of an aluminum, teak, or wicker frame, combined with a cushion, teak, or wicker seating material.

Ratana: The name Ratana signifies elegance in timeless design and exceptional quality of outdoor furniture, ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary. Ratana outdoor furniture caters to any style and setting that truly enhances your home and casual living experiences. Our comprehensive line of contract and hospitality specification furniture can be seen worldwide, from 5-star luxury hotels to top-ranked restaurants, from international golf courses to global Olympic venues. Ratana patio furniture pieces are poised to create the ideal setting with premier comfort and prestige to achieve the ultimate relaxation for your luxury lifestyle.

Ratana outdoor furniture pieces are characterized by unique and modern colors such as pink, black, brown, purple, and gray. You can place them in both covered and open spaces to make your outdoor living room more comfortable and extra luxurious. Their sleek and elegant aluminum frames, combined with soft cushions, appeal to your sense of style and allows you to relax in your private oasis.

Fire Pits

Gathering around a fire with friends and family is an unquestionably enjoyable and social outdoor activity. The warmth and light of fire are incredibly soothing, whether you’re making s’mores and sharing ghost stories with the kids, catching up with neighbors over a few drinks, or simply stargazing with a partner.

These types of activities have become so commonplace that purchasing a fire pit has almost become a requirement for homeowners. However, with so many choices to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones are a worthy investment.

Our line of fire pits is among the most adaptable, well-built, elegant, and efficient models available on the market today. The 42-inch Alumi-Crete Round Firepit is our top seller, and a great example of the high-quality pits open in our catalog. This line of fire pits is powder-coated in aluminum with a Teflon-coated clear finish for a look that is indeed the definition of a modern sheik design. Each model comes with optional fiberglass in an array of colors and reflections to truly elevate the style of your outdoor space. These pits are fitted with stainless steel burners powered by propane tanks, making them easy to maintain and incredibly affordable to operate. Make time this summer to gather with family and friends around your new fire pit and enjoy the best homemade s’mores in town. Just don’t let the marshmallows burn!

Outdoor Couches and Seating

Designed to offer proper outdoor luxury seating, our line of outdoor couches, love seats, and sofa chairs take on proportions and scale usually reserved for indoor upholstery. The collection’s styling is timeless; the comfort is unsurpassed, the only thing missing is the environment in which to place it.

Your patio is supposed to be a place where you can unwind and relax, so some kind of seating is needed. If you have a small yard, luxury comfort chairs are a great choice. Garden chairs come in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, wicker, and aluminum. You should choose the material based on your budget and needs. If your space is small, two chairs will suffice, but if your garden is more extensive, a collection of four or six chairs is suggested.

Loveseats: Our most popular loveseat combines modern and industrial design elements into one eye-catching piece. Its open silhouette and elegant, angular lines are thoughtfully enhanced by details like beveled extrusion edges and subtle soft curves. The Redondo range, which is made of the highest quality materials for comfort and longevity, will last a long time with little upkeep. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame with a polished burnished slate finish and resin feet to protect the foundation.

Large Sofas: Sofa sets are possibly the best choice for garden furniture if you have a large yard. They provide the utmost relaxation. Your garden will look attractive, classy, and decent with sofa sets. What could be better than sitting outside with your guests and talking while enjoying the cool breeze and the fragrance of fresh plants?

All of our large sofas are handcrafted, fully welded into a heat-resistant aluminum frame, durable, architectural grade, and come with a powder-coated finish. The cushions are made of quick-dry foam and come in a wide variety of colors to match your home’s style. They are also UV and weather resistant. Our Coronado Large Sofa is a popular choice and a great place to start your search for the perfect outdoor couch.

If you have ample outdoor space, consider a more oversized couch to fill the space and expand your hosting abilities. Consider our popular Redondo 3-Piece Sectional for the ultimate lounging experience. 

Chairs: If you’re working with a smaller space or budget, consider one or two small comfortable chairs for outdoor relaxing. The Coronado Club Swivel Rocker is an elegant choice that can add a natural boost of class and comfort to your yard.

Don’t wait; the deals are going fast! Visit our showroom for the best deals and be sure to ask about our new ROMA collection.