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Grand Stafford 2-Piece Sofa Set

Grand Stafford 2-Piece Sofa Set

Splash Ripple Wide Table

Splash Ripple Wide Table

Woosah In-Pool Chair (Sold in 2 Packs)

was $2,449.95 Special Price $1,629.95
  • Designed for in-pool use and has zero metal components.
  • Great ergonomic seat profile and tall backrest.
  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • Easy to add to the pool and easy to remove from the pool.
  • No screw plugs to deal with.
  • Bottoms of the legs are rounded for use in all types of pools, including vinyl liner.
  • In-pool Woosah chair is sold as a combo pack = 2 chairs shipped in a single box.


Woosah has a normal “Adirondack” seating height for optimal comfort in the pool or on the patio. If you have a sun shelf with water depth of 13″ or less you’ll be able to leave this chair in the pool and it will resist movement from light waves or wind. If you have water depth over 13″ you can still use this chair in your pool, but when you are not sitting in the chair it will begin to move or float as the water depth increases above 13″. The chair is easy to place into your pool and remove from the pool and use on your patio. The lowest point of the seat is at the seat drain hole and this is approximately 10.5″ from the floor.
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Space Covered, Open
Style Transitional
Condition New
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