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Warranty Policy

Warranty policies for our products will vary depending upon our represented manufacturers, please refer to your original sales receipt for all manufacturer information and or contact your dedicated sales representative for further assistance.

  1. Duration: The warranty period typically varies from one to several years depending upon the manufacturer.
  2. Coverage: The warranty usually covers manufacturing defects, such as issues with materials or workmanship.
  3. Exclusions: Common exclusions may include normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse or abuse, acts of nature, or modifications made by the consumer.
  4. Responsibility: The warranty may require the customer to take certain actions to maintain coverage, such as regular cleaning or using specific cleaning products.
  5. Resolution: In case of a warranty claim, the manufacturer or retailer will typically repair or replace the defective part or item.
  6. Proof of Purchase: Customers usually need to provide proof of purchase to make a warranty claim. This can be in the form of a receipt or invoice.
  7. Transferability: Warranties are NON-transferable if the furniture is sold or given to someone else during the warranty period.
  8. Limitations of Liability: The warranty might include a clause limiting the manufacturer's or retailer's liability in freight or shipping costs associated with replacement items.

If you have specific concerns or questions about a particular warranty, it's best to contact you dedicated sales representative directly or email