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Boston Patio Furniture

We provide free shipping to Boston and other surrounding areas!

Finding the perfect luxury patio furniture that fits in with your city lifestyle can be difficult. We try to eliminate that difficulty by offering a wide range of selections for you to choose from. Whether your patio is small or large, we have something that will fit!

Style and look isn't all you should consider. Climate is one of the biggest factors you should take into consideration. Boston sees large seasonal temperature differences, so considering the summer months is most important. Boston sees a good amount of rain with a summer temperature average of around 75 degrees.

Based on this information here are our patio recommendations:

  • The Kantan Strap Collection by Brown Jordan - Kantan Aluminum exemplifies the breezy spirit of southern California, the birthplace of Brown Jordan and year-round outdoor furniture. This collection’s graceful frame is offered with 1" vinyl straps.

  • The Avant Collection by NorthCape - The Avant Collection debuted during the 2014 season, and was developed in response to feedback from our customers who asked for a high back collection with bolstered headrest cushions in an upscale wide weave. Not surprisingly, Avant is one of our most popular new collections!
Boston Patio Furniture