Four Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Mix Up Patterns and Solids

Wicker patio furniture

Calais Collection by Parker James - Hand-woven, UV-resistant and rust-free aluminum frame

Mixing up the fabrics you use on your patio can add extra interest to your overall décor. The use of patterns and solids together adds depth to your patio furniture creating an overall, more inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Activity Spaces

Patio furniture

The Athena Collection by Summer classics features a curved and elegant design with N-Dura resin wicker.

Creating different zones by using smart furniture arrangement and outdoor rugs can help establish different activity areas for your patio. For example, place your main patio chairs and couches around a table or a fire pit in the largest area of your patio; this will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. For dining, place your table and chairs near your cooking area, or, if there is not enough room, near a corner. Not only will separating your spaces keep your patio from looking cluttered and confused, but it can also make your patio seem more spacious.

Combining Patio Materials

Patio furniture

The Rustic Collection by Summer Classics features resin wicker and is woven over a welded painted aluminum frame with weathered resin feet.

The floor of your patio is often overlooked but it can actually be one of the most interesting parts of your patio if executed correctly. How does this work? Instead of making your patio simply gravel, only stone, or just grass, mix two different types of materials together to make a usually boring area, interesting. The other great benefit of this is that it will generally save you money in the long run.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio furniture

The Royan Collection was named and inspired by a seaside resort in France The arms and legs feature Resysta, an eco-friendly material sealed in a scratch resistant coating.

For patios that lack natural shade purchasing a brightly colored large sun umbrella can really do wonders for your patio. Having a large umbrella will keep you out of the sun, making your patio more usable during the day. Another great thing about umbrellas is it adds a vertical element to your patio while also adding color overhead.

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